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Casa Ramona Academy’s Upper grades curricula begin with basic core studies defining a college preparatory high school—literature and history surveys, biology, chemistry, physics, algebra, calculus, geometry, language—and a growing list of Advanced Placement courses.

Each of our upper grades has basic but demanding requirements as they prepare for the next step in their education’s journey:

Grade 12 students will:

  • Participate in a culminating project, exhibitions and presentations.
  • Using both English and/or Spanish, demonstrate individual proficiencies of all ESLRS, domains, and disciplines;
  • Student senior exhibitions are evaluated using standards criteria and dual language standards that are integrated in school designed rubrics, and incorporate state standards/benchmarks.
  • Complete chosen Career Pathways in Career and Technical Education program. Onsite college campus visits.
  • Complete and present a series of culminating theme projects that demonstrate mastery of industry standard software: House Design, Starting Your Own Business, Newsletter, Play Production, Career Portfolio, Tech Expert.
  • Complete Standardized Tests –STAR Testing,  CAT 6, CAHSEE,

Grade 11 students will:

  • Prepare a Major and Minor emphasis portfolio presentation and present evidence of acquiring satisfactory performance of state standards in 8 disciplines and the three major domain areas.
  • Prepare an independent Personal Project that explores an issue or community concern.
  • Submit appropriately prepared work for presentation and review.
  • Incorporate in the portfolio presentations evidence of state testing results indicating significant progress in attaining scores in the core subjects.
  • Complete Standardized Tests –STAR Testing, CAT 6, CAHSEE.
  • Commence Career Pathways in Career and Technical Education focus. Onsite college campus visits.

Grade 9-10 students will:

  • Build and maintain Major Emphasis and Minor Emphasis portfolios that document individual progress in all domains/disciplines and dual language acquisition. 
  • Demonstrate significant progress in attaining scores in the core subjects of state testing.
  • Complete Standardized Tests – STAR Testing, CAT 6, CAHSEE Develop Career and Technical Education plans. Onsite college campus visits.

There are other, positive energies at work here. Many of our students who reach the upper grades are older siblings to students in lower grades. They are setting examples, nurturing, mentoring younger siblings in their own families. This creates a singular dynamic that flows both ways along our academic pathways.

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