Community Involvement

Casa Ramona Academy is a part of a continuing legacy of education and community service in the Westside of San Bernardino.

Ramona Elementary School was established in the 1920s to serve the students in the neighborhoods.

Casa Ramona Inc. was established in the 1970s initially to address the educational needs of the surrounding neighborhoods. Eventually Casa Ramona Inc. was established as a community center offering a range of needed community services. Over the years these services have included: early childhood education, mental health facilities, senior nutrition, a teen drop in center, a medical clinic, senior citizen housing and a vocational training center.

Casa Ramona Inc. has become a widely recognized resource to the greater Westside of San Bernardino.

Casa Ramona Academy was established in this same spirit of service to the communities that has endured over 100 years.

Casa Ramona Academy is part of our neighborhoods in many ways:

  • CRA Parent/Community meetings
  • ELAC
  • Parent organized Community Celebrations
  • ESL and other family development classes
  • CRA Parent Community Service
  • CRA Student Community Service
  • CRA After School Program (open to students in our neighborhoods)
  • Café y Plática (2011-2012 school year)

We are committed to integrally teaching our students to become contributing members of society. From the earliest age, community service is an integral part of CRA’s curriculum. We are part of the communities we serve, with a growing range of resources developed to meet our communities’ needs.

To find out more about these activities or to provide input, please contact Casa Ramona Academy at 909.888.3132.

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