Middle School

The Middle school years are an important time for self-discovery. They are a unique time, when critical changes and challenges shape learning in our students. In this space between lower and upper grades our teachers work hard to bridge what has been learned with critical knowledge for the future.

Core curricula are emphasized, discipline is expected and our work with parents to maintain academic expectations is critical. Our students at these grade levels receive the preparation necessary to be successful in upper grades and to prepare for education beyond:

  • Build and maintain Major Emphasis and Minor emphasis portfolios that document individual progress in all domains/disciplines and dual language acquisition
  • Demonstrate significant progress in attaining scores in the core subjects of state testing.
  • Develop Career and Technical Education Plans for implementation in 9th-12th grades.¬† Onsite visits to college and post secondary¬† campuses.
  • Complete Standardized Tests-STAR Testing, CAT 6

Continuing to create and reinforce academic expectations are part of building middle grade foundations.

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