The Gift of Books

Most schools, school teachers and school librarians wish for more money or supplies to enhance the learning environment for their students. Appropriate donations of learning materials to CRA are always appreciated. The CRA school library can benefit from a donated book unless the book is more of a burden than a blessing. When donating a book to the CRA school library, remember it is not about you. It is about our students.

Ask the librarian ahead of time. Talk with the librarian before you show up at the school with a book or stack of books to donate. The librarian may not be accepting donations at that time or may not need what you have.

Choose books appropriate to the age level. There is no reason to donate books to a school library that are not age-appropriate for the students at the school. This refers to the reading level and the content of the books.

Check the books’ physical condition. Books in poor condition, despite the title or subject of the book, are not needed because they either fall apart quickly or receive little to no circulation because students judge the worthiness of the book based solely on its physical condition. Also, mold spreads easily and can quickly ruin unaffected books making your donation a bane, not a blessing.

Fit the needs of the school. Donating books you already have is not the only way to donate to a school library. The best donation you can make is one that fits a specific need. Communicate with the librarian and tell him you want to purchase some books for the library. Ask what is needed most or what gap they want to fill. This is the best donation you can make.

Understand if books are not accepted. Be prepared for the donation to be turned away. If the book does not fit the requirements of age-appropriateness, physical condition or if the book does not fit any of the school’s needs, the librarian is under no obligation to accept your donation. This is not personal. The librarian is just doing what is best for the school and the students.

Know that some books are re-purposed. Many donated books may not be put in the library collection, but are re-purposed. Classroom teachers use paperbacks in the classroom libraries for student use and books that may be appropriate but not in the best shape are often used in “lending boxes” which are books that students can borrow and return on the honor system without officially checking them out.

Tips & Warnings

This is not an opportunity to force your beliefs on children or teachers. Don’t donate a book to a school library to support your own cause. Books that are heavily biased are not accepted.

For more information, please contact Ms Lechuga at 909.888.3132 or via e-mail at

CRA Book Fair!

We are celebrating the third year of our bi-annual CRA Book Fair! This year’s theme is OUTER SPACE AND BEYOND! This year the Fall CRA Book Fair will be held September 1st through September 16th. CRA students will be able to purchase books, audio visual materials and participate in an active reading program…WE LOVE READING! WE LOVE BOOKS!

Interested? Contact Mr. Martinez via e-mail , or by calling 909.888.3132.

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