Calyx Flowers Flower Delivery Review

When it comes to procuring only the finest blossoms possible, it is important to know where to find the richest crops for each variety of flowers. Calyx Flowers realizes that in order to get only the best flowers, they need to go straight to the source for the best flowers. For instance, Colombia produces the plushest roses in the world. Thailand offers the hardiest orchids available. Certain areas are just better for certain types of flowers. For this reason, Calyx Flowers has partnered with growers and farmers all over the world.

The partnered growers that work with Calyx Flowers realize the importance of delivering the blossoms as quickly as possible. The fresher the flowers, the better they will look and smell. Long-lasting bouquets are a direct product of fast and efficient delivery after having been shipped directly from the farm.

The Calyx Flowers Touch

Special attention is given to each and every bloom that has been ordered through Calyx Flowers. With careful wrapping procedures, the process allows for a layer of tissue around the bouquet, set gently in a beautiful gift box. Each signature gift box includes a personalized card to add a personal touch. Each package gets shipped directly from the grower to your recipient using the carrier services of UPS. Although Calyx Flowers does not physically handle the floral arrangement, their standards for freshness, presentation and visual appeal are followed by their growers.

The signature box that is provided by Calyx Flowers and shipped quickly provides for a safer environment for floral arrangements. As opposed to coolers in trucks, the blossoms instead are given a better climate in which they typically last anywhere from 5 to 10 days longer. One of the fabulous perks of using growers from all over the world is that seasonal flowers are made available all year long. Gerbera daisies can be found in the heart of winter in the US since it is summer on the other side of the world. Calyx Flowers ensures that only fresh flowers are delivered to their customers.

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Beautiful Flowers with Reliable Service

In addition to their beautiful floral arrangements, Calyx Flowers also offers little extras to enhance the entire gifting experience. Your recipient will be amazed at the natural beauty of the large collection of vases available at Calyx Flowers. There is a vase available for every style and taste. This provides an additional piece of visual art that is also functional for the purposes of holding your arrangement. Every detail matters with Calyx Flowers, especially when it comes to the display.

One important aspect of the flower business that Calyx Flowers guarantees is the arrival of your floral gift at the specific date you ask for. Reliability is key and ensuring prompt and dependable shipping is something that every company should strive for. Calyx Flowers does ensure that they are able to deliver your arrangement according to your time demands; it’s guaranteed.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

Calyx Flowers has been in the business since 1988. They know what it is to offer gifts that they can truly be proud of. Because satisfaction is so important to them, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products.

A little known trick of the trade is to deliver flowers while they are still in bud form. This adds a hint of freshness that few other florists provide. Your recipient will be blessed enough to watch the flower bloom which is an awesome sight to see. Giving the flower while it is still a bud also adds to the lifespan of the flower itself. The longer your recipient can keep their beautiful flowers, the more enjoyment he/she will get.

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Socially Responsible And Eco Friendly

Calyx Flowers is greatly concerned with social issues as well as with providing beautiful, fresh flowers. They are a proud member of the Fair Trade Certified group in their industry. Basically, having the Fair Trade Certified Label ensures each and every customer that certain economic, social and environmental criteria were used in the production and trade of every rose from Calyx Flowers. In other words, the farmers of Ecuador – where the roses hail from – have been taken care of. The farmers have been given fair compensation for their crops in order to improve the quality of life amongst rose farmers.

The Fair Trade Certified Label is not the only symbol that Calyx Flowers proudly displays. In fact, they also carry the Eco Approved symbol on many of their bouquets and plants as well. The Eco Approved symbol means that certified growers that provide green services are in fact the same bunch that protects the environment, wildlife, workers and local communities. All practices contributing to their goods are done in an effort to protect the world around them. Such a label is incredibly important to Calyx Flowers as they are dedicated to improving the world around them.

How Calyx Flowers Delivers Your Flower Arrangement

As mentioned before, Calyx Flowers does not grow their own flowers. Instead, they have your order shipped directly from the farms and growers they are partnered with. By shipping their flowers directly to your recipients straight from the farms, Calyx Flowers provides some of the worlds’ freshest flowers. Each shipment is shipped in a signature box using a UPS carrier. Specific delivery dates may be requested as they strive to continually keep their customers happy with outstanding customer service.

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