FlowerBud.com – Next Day Flower Delivery Guaranteed

Many flower companies ship flowers that have bloomed completely and are only days away from wilting. FlowerBud.com usually ships their arrangements in bud form which provides your recipient far more enjoyment of watching them bloom and enjoying the entire lifespan of the flowers. Sending arrangements that last a long time is very important to FlowerBud.com. It ensures that your gift is appreciated and benefitted from for as long as absolutely possible.

While FlowerBud.com’s website is appealing to the eye, there is more there for you to enjoy than merely their design. They have designed a website that is a safe place to enter in your priceless personal information. Your name, phone number, address and financial information should be kept confidential and it is kept confidential at FlowerBud.com.

Easy Website Navigation

The website is also user-friendly. You do not have to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science in order to navigate your way through FlowerBud.com. Their options are laid out in a straight-forward manner that is simple and effective. The order process can be completed by anyone with any form of experience on the computer. Creating a platform that is easy to use for every customer is a high priority for FlowerBud.com, which is why they have ensured to follow through on making their website user-friendly.

Many websites like to show beautiful images more than creating functional, fast and efficient software. While FlowerBud.com has many beautiful images, they are not overwhelming enough to slow down the site’s features. Your order process should be as quick as your internet service provider allows thanks to the efficient features in the website design. A speedy experience is something that is valued by many and provided for you.

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Freshness is something that cannot be overlooked in the flower business. FlowerBud.com takes every precaution possible to ensure that the floral arrangements are the epitome of freshness. One method they use to provide fresh floral arrangements is to cut out the middlemen and choose their own growers. No, they do not grow the flowers themselves. Instead, they stick to what they know best and choose to only work with the best suppliers around.

The Founder and CEO

The founder and CEO of FlowerBud.com, Mark, began his career as a farmer. This means that he knows the industry as well as the right questions to ask when choosing his growers. Nothing less than extra-large blooms, several buds per stem on each lily and long-stemmed Roses will do. Every grower knows that their flowers have to be the best in order to work with FlowerBud.com.

Mark has thirty years in the floral industry which has helped him to make FlowerBud.com what it is today. Born and raised in the North of England, that is where Mark became educated in horticulture. The National Trust for Scotland, Threave and the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh, Scotland very much contributed to Mark’s horticulture knowledge. He currently finds himself as a permanent resident in the United States with his home in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

The People Who Make It Happen

There are several important people that make up Mark’s team. Marcy Lepine is the general manager who has been with FlowerBud.com since the early days. Marcy helps greatly with the daily operations, employees, inventory and many other aspects of the business. If there’s one thing Mark knows, it’s to surround himself with quality people.

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Mark and Marcy are not alone. They have fantastic assistants, customer service agents, financial consultants and a supportive board of directors. Along with each employee, all of the growers are considered a part of the family as well.

According to careful instruction, the growers who work with FlowerBud.com pack their premium flowers in “grower’s bunches”. The term “grower’s bunches” means that the flowers are packed in a large bunch to ensure your bouquet is full. There are no corners cut when it comes to providing a floral arrangement that is designed to please.
How FlowerBud.com Delivers Your Flower Arrangement

The flowers you order from FlowerBud.com are sent grower-direct. This means that the middle men are cut out of the deal to speed up the delivery and ensure the quality of your floral arrangement. By using flowers that are cut fresh and directly shipped from the growers ensures a longer life span of your gift to your recipient.