FTD Flower Delivery Review

The world’s oldest floral services organization happens to be FTD. They market flowers to sell through their website. They use independent FTD florists to provide same day delivery of orders to almost the entire United States. Only the highest quality and service standards are used with each of these independent florists that fulfill these orders.

FTD was founded in August of 1910. Because of the massive size of their operations and customer base, they are considered one of the largest floral companies over the world. They have been leading the industry when it comes to dependability, artistry and quality. Their network is made up of about 16,000 retail florists around North America and connects to approximately 54,000 florists in over 150 countries. Every order that is sent through FTD is guaranteed for satisfaction.

It Started With Fifteen

This company came about when fifteen American retail florists decided it would be mutually beneficial to exchange orders for out-of-town deliveries. By forming a pact together, they could all save on shipping costs and ensure fresher flowers to be sent. This group of fifteen florists originally called their newly formed organization the “Florists’ Telegraph Delivery”. After fifteen years, FTD expanded to service international deliveries. They changed their company name from the “Florists Telegraph Delivery” to “Florists Transworld Delivery”. In the later years, their logo of a Mercury man has become an iconic image in the floral industry.

The world’s leading floral network uses the Mercury Network. The Mercury Network is known as the “Floral Informational Superhighway”. Basically, it processes wire orders and messages for all major floriculture industry players. This software helps to get FTD their orders processed in a timely and efficient manner.

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Let FTD Be There for You

The FTD network offers a reminder service that helps those with forgetful tendencies to remember special occasions. Nothing can ruin an anniversary like forgetting to let your significant other know that you appreciate them. With the reminder service, you shouldn’t have to worry about another special occasion again. You will be sent an electronic reminder with advance notice to ensure you take care of what matters the most. For anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and any other special occasion, you can send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to friends or family that matter to you.

Something else that the FTD Network provides for their valued customers is an incredibly large selection of occasion-specific floral arrangements. From common options like anniversaries and birthdays to specific religious occasions such as Hanukkah, FTD provides something fit for any circumstance. FTD’s prices vary to fit any budget’s gift giving needs.

How FTD Delivers Your Flower Arrangement

As recently mentioned, FTD is a network of independent florists who work together to ensure that orders in their local areas are fulfilled according to high standards of quality and service. When an order is submitted to FTD, it is sent electronically through their Mercury Network to the closest network florist to your recipient. They adhere to strict guidelines of freshness, presentation and quality to instill confidence in the buying process. Each order sent through this company comes with a seven day satisfaction guarantee.