Orchids.com Flower Delivery Review

Norman’s orchids is a successful flower nursery from which Orchids.com developed. This family owned and operated nursery for flowers was founded about fifteen years ago in Montclair, California. Because the nursery has become so successful in the business of orchids, it was only natural that they branched out and evolved into doing business on the world wide web.

Regardless of whether their customers prefer orchids for decorating, retailing or individual clients, Orchids.com has the variety available for everyone. They, themselves, run their own greenhouse that is managed carefully in order to produce beautiful flowers. They have fine tuned their skills to the point that they know how to produce healthy orchid plants to fulfill their many customer requests.

Award Winning Flowers

Orchids.com has been decorated with several awards for their beautiful flowers. From trophies to medals, Orchids.com has definitely left their mark on many orchid shows throughout the United States as well as Canada. In fact, at the 16th World Orchid Conference about ten years ago, Orchids.com earned more medals for the Moth Orchids (also known as phalaenopsis) than any other participator there. A second place spot was given to Orchids.com for their overall performance at the conference. Such honors are indeed something to appreciate.

There are several kinds of orchid plants available today. Orchids.com produces many of the varieties and favors Phalaenopsis, Cattleya, Paphiopedilum (lady slippers) and Oncidium alliance. In fact, Orchids.com are the leading producers of the previously mentioned species of orchids. Because Orchids.com grows their own flowers themselves, they are involved in every aspect of the business. They have a personal touch when it comes to growing, caring for and packaging each and every order. By doing everything themselves, they cut out the costs of middle men and ensure high quality of every order.

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Innovative Ideas

Many flower companies simply stick to the basics by providing floral arrangements and shipping them. Orchids.com stands out from the crowd by offering something as innovative and useful as orchid e-postcards right on their website. Each of their e-postcards are free of charge and available to personalize to send to a friend or family member. With more than twenty different beautiful colors and varieties to choose from, there is definitely something there to meet everyone’s needs.

A Family Business

This family has much to be proud of when it comes to the success of Orchids.com. Brother Norman took on the role as spokesman while sister Jamie utilized her marketing and design skills in favor of the family business. Mother His-Mei tends to nurturing and growing the plants while father Charley contributes as well. Brother Eric helps with the business aspect of things including the introduction and maintenance of Orchids.com.

The Orchids.com are indeed proud of their business as well they should be. Mastering the art of growing and selling flowers is not an easy feat. Most companies in the flower business use a network of florists to fulfill flower orders. These guys, however, proceed to keep it all in the family to ensure premium quality.

How Orchids.com Delivers Your Flower Arrangement

As mentioned before, Orchids.com grows their own flowers themselves in their greenhouses. Unlike many of their competitors, they have decided to keep a careful eye and a personal touch on their crops as they grow them and then ship them out themselves. Each plant is sent in a pot unless otherwise requested by a customer. The courier of choice is Federal Express, usually shipped between Monday and Wednesday. Two day shipping is the normal procedure; however, many shipments are open for specific customer requests. Undoubtedly, Orchids.com has their deliveries down to a science which puts their valued customers at ease.

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